Aiman Shupsida Childlike Innocence Sparkling Departure, A Wonderful Review of the First Family Day Activities


In order to enrich the recreational life of employees and enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of employees, the first family day of Shupusida was successfully held on April 16. The staff and family members feel the corporate culture, enhance communication and transfer love energy in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, which fully reflects the deep and loving affection of the Schustada family.



The moment of freeze-frame record is beautiful.

Before the start of the activity, employees and their families took photos in front of the photo wall as a unit. The photographer used the lens to record the happy moments of each family and used the photos to carry the warm moments of each smile.



Parent-child game wonderful

The event site also prepared interesting parent-child games for everyone, as well as the most popular painting graffiti for children. All families actively participated in each game. The shouts and laughter at the event site were intertwined, and there was a relaxed and happy atmosphere everywhere.

Games such as shaking the ball, using hands and feet together, and ferrules are in full swing. Parents show their abilities and strive to reach the top. Compared with speed, patience and skills, the children are elated and actively cooperate, and cooperate with their parents in a tacit understanding to win.



Love Charity Sale Delivers Warmth

The charity bazaar was full of surprises. All the goods for the bazaar were provided by the employees and children participating in the bazaar. The charity money finally obtained from the bazaar will be donated to the Aide Foundation to help children from families in need--The Sports Dream of the Basket Baby.



Shupsida has always been a warm enterprise, from anti-epidemic relief, to nursing homes, to daily help, has always been in the forefront.



Full recognition of joint visit

Under the leadership of the staff, everyone went to the company's exhibition hall to visit, so that the family members of the staff could get closer to Shupsida, understand Shupsida, and have a deeper understanding of the industry and career their families are engaged in.



Warm lunch delicious

Before lunch, each child received a hand gift carefully prepared by the company. Gifts accompany, wish the lovely children can grow up healthy and happy. The canteen also prepares a delicious buffet lunch for everyone, and the family sits together to enjoy it. Not only to meet the taste buds of Moe Bao, but also very nutritious and healthy.



Family watching movies and laughter

After lunch, the company also arranged a movie viewing meeting for employees and their families in the company's report hall. The movie to watch this time is the animated movie "Journey to the West: Seventy-two Changes", which tells the story of Sun Wukong, Niu Mowang, Lion Camel King and Jin Jiao Silver Horn who became students of the fairy method from primary school. They jointly learned seventy-two magic methods of the fairy family and amused how happy they were in daily life.



On the way to struggle, companionship may be absent, but love will not be missing. Thank your family and friends for their understanding, support and help, so that all colleagues can fight for their small family and for Shupusida without any worries! The happy time is always short. I hope this beauty can always be with the Shupstada people. Next family day, Shupstada will meet with you again!

Shupusida always pays attention to the construction of corporate culture. While the company continues to grow and develop, it has never slackened its care for every employee and family member, and provides our employees and family members with the attitude of innovation and breakthrough and the passion of dedication. The most anticipated career development plan and life memories. Every Shupusida also uses their aggressiveness, hard work and drive to build Shupusida together, create a better future, and strive hard for "being the light of China for future medical treatment!