The company won the first batch of "four-star cloud enterprises" in Jiangsu Province in 2023!

According to the Notice of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology on Organizing and Carrying out the Application of the Provincial Industrial Internet Demonstration Project in 2023, through the procedures of enterprise declaration, district (development zone) review and recommendation, expert review, credit review, etc,Nanjing Shupusida Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was awarded the first batch of "four-star cloud enterprises" in Jiangsu Province!


What is a Cloud Enterprise?

Refers to the use of convenient network resources, according to the specific needs of their own enterprises, cloud service providers to provide computing, storage, network, security, applications and other cloud services, to achieve management, business and other aspects of data transformation, restructuring the core competitiveness of enterprises.


What are the benefits of Enterprise Cloud?

"Enterprise on the cloud" helps to obtain cloud services, reduce the cost of enterprise information construction, improve innovation capabilities, business strength, resource allocation efficiency and management level, and help enterprises quickly acquire digital capabilities. It is an important path to promote the digital transformation of enterprises. Promoting "enterprises on the cloud", building an industrial Internet platform, and cultivating a new ecology of industrial interconnection has become an inevitable trend in the transformation and development of enterprises.

The award of the four-star cloud enterprise in Jiangsu Province is a full recognition of the achievements of Shupusida's digital construction. Shupusida will continue to follow the technology-oriented, market-oriented development strategy as a guide, through digital technology iteration continued, enabling medical device research and development and production of digital, intelligent, to create a new highland of intelligent manufacturing!