Xi Bao | Warmly Congratulate Our Company on Winning the Title of "China's Good Technology" in 2022


Recently, the China Productivity Promotion Center Association released a public announcement on the selection list of the 2022 "China Good Technology" project. It has good innovation in technological achievements, and has made breakthrough progress in technical principles and methods. The technological achievements have significantly improved and improved the existing technology, and can significantly improve the technical performance, function and effect of enterprises. Nanjing Shupusida Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. won this honor.



Selected items


The technology of the project "Research and Development and Industrialization of Deep Learning and Remote Control Ventilator" has reached the international advanced level, and this technology has been applied to the ventilator control system for the first time, and a ventilator with deep intelligent synchronization and cloud platform remote management has been developed, expanding the application scenario of the ventilator.




Nanjing Shupusida always adheres to the guidance of scientific and technological innovation, increases R & D investment year by year, and constantly improves the technical level. This award is a recognition of the company's outstanding achievements in the field of scientific and technological innovation, and also a demonstration of the company's scientific and technological innovation strength. The follow-up company will speed up the pace of scientific and technological innovation, so that good technology can not only "step forward", but also "fall down", Light up the light up the light of China in the future medical treatment!