Warm congratulations! Shupsida surgery shadowless lamp, electric operating table both obtained the registration certificate, the product line is further enriched!

Recently, Nanjing Shupusida Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has obtained 2 "the People's Republic of China Medical Device Registration Certificates" issued by Jiangsu Drug Administration. The products areOperation shadowless lampAnd electric operating table, at the same time completed the medical hanging tower enterprise standard record.


Lamp bed tower product technology involves equipment, medicine, electronics, construction and other fields, clinically mainly used in hospital anesthesia, operating rooms andICUIt has become a necessary equipment for large medical institutions.

Sulpstar obtained 2 medical equipment registration certificates for surgical shadowless lamps and electric operating tables, and completedMedical pendantThe enterprise standard filing has enriched the product categories of the company's core hardware equipment in the operating room, which will further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness, continuously meet the diversified market demand, and further improve the market expansion ability.

Shupusida has been deeply engaged in the medical equipment industry for 15 years, mainly engaged in ventilators, non-invasive ventilators, anesthesia systems, nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia systems, neonatal ventilators, oxygen generators, medical air compressors, monitors, animal anesthesia machines and other products, covering three major fields of household, medical and animal use. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, NanjingGazelle Enterprise.

After years of market expansion and deep industry cultivation, the company's sales market covers more than 200 regions and countries at home and abroad. It has successively won the national high-tech enterprise, Nanjing gazelle enterprise, innovative leading enterprise, Jiangsu high-growth enterprise, Nanjing innovative entrepreneur, provincial specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises,Graduate WorkstationProvincial Enterprise Technology Center, Provincial Engineering Research Center and other honors.

Today, Shupusida has formed an anesthesia series, respiratory therapy series, home series, sedation and analgesia series, operating room overall supporting solutions multi-track go hand in hand development pattern, for the company's diversified development has laid a solid foundation. In the future, Shupusida will rely on five major product lines, while continuously developing new products, seize the opportunities of the times, and develop into a leading comprehensive medical equipment manufacturer and service enterprise in China.