New breakthrough! The first independent software medical device was approved for listing.

On September 25, the central monitoring system software independently developed by Shupusida was officially approved by the State Food and Drug Administration.Class II medical devicesRegistration Certificate (Registration Certificate No.: Su Xie Zhun 20232211357). This marks the company's central monitoring system software has been recognized by the industry and regulatory authorities, and has obtained the medical market access qualification.



The central monitoring system software is the first independent software medical device of Sulpsida. The software is mainly installed in the nurse station of the hospital and is used for electrocardiogram (ECG), respiration (RESP), non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) of multi-parameter monitors,blood oxygen saturation(SpO2), pulse rate (PR), body temperature (TEMP), carbon dioxide (CO2) data monitoring, centralized real-time monitoring, storage, review and printing.


The central monitoring system software is suitable for the production of Shupusida.multi-parameter monitorAs an important part of Shupusida's medical information system, this product will effectively improve the hospital's data processing capacity, facilitate the data exchange and view of various departments, and experts will consult together on the network. At the same time, combined with the hospital information system, to create an integrated intelligent monitoring service platform, can support multiple medical scenarios, covering first aid, social health and remote monitoring, etc., showing three-dimensional patient clinical data.


The approval of the central monitoring system software is not only a reaffirmation of the company's R & D team's unremitting efforts over the years, but also a strong recognition of the safety and effectiveness of multi-reference monitor products. Schuster will continue to focus on the research and development of medical information products, take innovation-driven as the development concept, constantly improve the product system, promote the improvement of medical quality and service efficiency, and benefit the broad masses of doctors and patients.