Strengthen quality management and pursue excellent performance-the company successfully completed the on-site evaluation of Liuhe District Chief Quality Award.

Liuhe District Chief Quality Award

Strengthen Quality Management and Pursue Excellent Performance


In order to build the goal of excellent operation demonstration enterprise, through the successful experience and management concept of benchmarking excellent enterprise, promote the enterprise to constantly carry out self-correction and self-breakthrough, so as to improve the quality of development. In 2022, our company will take the opportunity of applying for the quality award of Nanjing Liuhe District Mayor as an opportunity to comprehensively introduce the excellent performance management model, and plan to promote the improvement of business performance and comprehensive competitiveness through the integration and upgrading of various management tools and methods.

On November 4, the company welcomed the on-site review of Nanjing Liuhe District Mayor Quality Award. The middle and senior management of the company and the leaders of each center participated in the review meeting, and all relevant departments actively cooperated during the review to ensure the smooth completion of various review tasks.


At the beginning of the meeting, Xu qian, the head of the review team, gave a brief introduction to the review purpose and process. he stressed that the on-site review mainly tested the company's achievements and shortcomings in the process of introducing and promoting excellent performance management from the four levels of "method-development-learning-integration. Tang Xuefeng, general manager of the company, made an overall speech on the company, introducing the company's development history, organizational structure, organizational governance, business environment, industry status, innovation capabilities, and future key development directions and related strategies to the review team.


In the on-site evaluation work, the evaluation team strictly follows the plan and forms a comprehensive evaluation report from the aspects of leadership, strategy, customer and market, resources, process management, measurement, analysis and improvement, and results by listening to reports, question and exchange, document verification, standard examination, on-site inspection and other forms, the advantages and highlights of the enterprise are summarized and encouraged, and suggestions for improvement are put forward for the existing problems.


General Manager Tang Xuefeng expressed his gratitude to the review expert group for its arrival and guidance, saying that the feedback from the review expert group was objective, comprehensive and specific, fully reflecting the rigorous, professional and meticulous standards of the experts, which is worth learning from the company. He pointed out that management strives for excellence, and excellence is endless. In the future, the company will absorb and learn from the good methods and suggestions put forward by the review expert group, learn from each other's strengths, and strive for excellence, continue to create an excellent quality management model, and continuously improve the company. Management level and comprehensive competitiveness promote the company's high-quality development.


In the future, Shupusida will continue to implement the excellent performance management model, uphold the values of "integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and efficiency", fully tap the potential of resource allocation and sustainable competitive advantages, give full play to the internal and external advantages of the company, and continuously improve the company's management Level, the courage to assume more social responsibilities. In their work, all centers and departments should take excellent performance management as the standard, give full play to the spirit of active innovation and pursuit of excellence, shorten the gap with benchmarking enterprises and achieve the goal of catching up with and surpassing benchmarking.