A Wonderful Review of the Summer Group Building Activities of Shupsida Marketing Sequence

Summer early long, south wind grass fragrant. In order to enhance the sense of belonging to the team, cultivate the spirit of teamwork, and meet the marketing work in the next quarter with a full mental state. From July 16 to 17, 2022, Shupusida organized a competition for the officers of the marketing sequence."Go to the elite feast and raise the sharp of the swan"For the theme of efficient team building activities, for the second half of the work to start a good start, go all out to sprint the annual goal.



Learning in activities and growing in competitions


At 8: 30 a.m. on July 16, the friends drove to Nanjing Pingshan Forest Park to participate in a two-day and one-night group building activity. Under the leadership of the training teacher, the middle and senior management of the company and the sales elite of the marketing sequence were divided into two teams. Each team took the team name and slogan and displayed the team type, and completed the expansion training projects "team pyramid" and "jigsaw puzzle.






We are all on the team.




Overflight Team


Before the match, ice-breaking teams were divided into groups.

In the expansion training, all the staff are full of energy, concentration, teamwork, active communication, give full play to the team spirit, and cooperate to complete each project.









Team Pyramid is full of vitality






Tangram height fit


Through this expansion training, the sales elite has cultivated the spirit of unity, cooperation and mutual trust and mutual assistance. Everyone exercises in practice, thinks in exercise, summarizes in thinking, and fully experiences the joy of success brought by collaboration, courage, dedication, and responsibility. We all agreed that we should continue to carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation and overcome difficulties, so as to lay a solid foundation for the next work.



Free activities, leisure and entertainment, clock-in attractions

After lunch and lunch break, everyone carried out various leisure and interesting activities on their own: chess, KTV, table tennis, table tennis, swimming, drinking tea and chatting, hanging out and taking pictures... Laughter and laughter continued, and the atmosphere was very lively.









Get close to nature and release your soul; relieve pressure and concentrate your efforts; start again in a better state and greet the warm second half of the year with a running attitude!




The dinner party was gathered together and everyone was happy.


In the evening, the group building dinner kicked off, and everyone gathered together to drink and enjoy themselves. General Manager Tang Xuefeng delivered a speech, giving the sales elite new goals and expectations in the second half of the year, encouraging everyone to work together, not afraid of challenges, and go further together! Then, the leaders of each center stepped onto the stage in turn and made speeches, thanking every Shupusida for their efforts, and hoping that everyone will continue to be brave and forge ahead in the second half of the year.













The pommel horse is still not resting, and today the drum of war is urging again.

Great goals are beckoning to us,

A new blueprint is urgently needed for us to write.


Now, let's go!

Towards a better self! Let's go!

Go ahead and surpass the 2022 business target!